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Volunteers are needed more than ever

Karmit Bulman

Volunteers are needed more now than ever. We all know that without strong volunteerism infrastructures, most non-profits and government entities would grind to a halt. The work we do is essential to creating youth success, a strong economy and healthy Minnesota communities. Volunteerism demonstrates our collective compassion for those who need a loving hand. And it’s good for the volunteers too! Volunteer activity can reshape or redirect people’s values, perspectives and even their life goals in several ways. It can spur new growth and awareness, both spiritually and emotionally.

Think of all the ways that volunteers take care of our world. Volunteers deliver critical services, they create systemic change; volunteers right the wrongs of the world. Volunteers provide critical support to our nonprofit, civic, and faith-based organizations, offering time, skills, and monetary support. During these uncertain times, we can be certain that volunteer engagement leadership is also needed now more than ever. Our communities could not do our work without volunteers; the volunteers need a volunteer engagement leader and that leader needs MAVA!

We are proud of the work MAVA did in 2017 to increase volunteerism. Please check out our 2017 Annual Report here. We have so much more to do and we are successful because of our dedicated members and community partners. With your help, this may be the year we pass the Volunteerism Bill. This year we will offer a record number of Volunteer Impact Leadership trainings. We will provide cutting edge accelerated trainings. We will reach well over 60 certified and re-certified service enterprise organizations. We will host 10 new VISTA members at many new sites. We will roll out our new District Councils and will provide support to over 20 informal and formal volunteer engagement professional networks. We will focus on inclusive volunteerism, government volunteerism and helping to gain job equity for those who have made volunteer engagement their profession. We will continue to offer networking, connection, growth and advocacy to our members. We are so glad you are part of our community.

Karmit Bulman
MAVA Executive Director