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MAVA Excellence in Volunteerism Awards

Each year MAVA recognizes outstanding individuals for significant contributions to their community and the field of volunteerism in the following areas:

MAVA Award for Excellence in Volunteer Program Development

This award recognizes an individual who has made a superior contribution to furthering the culture and climate for professional volunteerism in Minnesota by developing an outstanding volunteer program and incorporating the essential elements of leading volunteers. Outstanding programs ensure that volunteers support the organization’s mission and expand impact and outreach. The recipient, through his or her personal model, exemplifies the ideals of selfless contribution to community that professional volunteer administration nurtures.

The MAVA Mary Wiser Award for Leadership in the Field of Volunteer Resources

This award was established to honor Mary Wiser, past director of volunteer services at Courage Center. As author, consultant and trainer Sue Vineyard says, “Mary left a legacy that can be an inspiration to us all as she blazed the trail toward a higher level of professionalism.” Mary was recognized for her outstanding contribution in teaching and inspiring others in the field.

The award is recognition of excellence by the recipient’s peers. It honors a professional in the field of volunteer administration who demonstrates the vision, diligence, and commitment to service that are the hallmarks of professionalism in the field. The award recognizes contributions to the overall profession within and outside the recipient’s organization, including contributions over a period of time.
The MAVA Awards for Excellence in Volunteerism  

These awards recognize Minnesota volunteers who have distinguished accomplishments and have shown extraordinary interest in the area of volunteerism. These volunteers, through their personal examples, demonstrate the impact volunteers can have on the improvement of their community through an outstanding commitment to volunteerism.

Age 14 – 18    Outstanding High School Volunteer

Age 18 – 24    Outstanding Young Adult Volunteer

Age 25+       Outstanding Adult Volunteer

The MAVA Award for Excellence in Executive Leadership

This award has been established to reinforce the importance of strong executive leader and volunteer program relationships. The award honors an Executive Leader who demonstrates a cooperative, supportive, enthusiastic and well-defined relationship with the volunteer program. Please use specific examples to demonstrate how your Executive Leader represents outstanding service and support to your volunteer program.
We welcome nominations from its members as well as from anyone knowledgeable about volunteerism and its leadership. 

Nominations have closed for 2018. Please stay tuned for 2019.