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Customized Consultations

Contract for MAVA Services

MAVA is eager to make our training, research and resources of value to your organization.
Customized Training by MAVA to bring the training and resources for cutting-edge volunteer management to your staff.
MAVA’s Volunteer Management Consultation to advance your volunteer engagement.
Training and consultation is available in all regions of Minnesota. Contact the MAVA Office for more information.

Customized Training by MAVA

Bring top notch volunteer training to your staff. A contract can be arranged with MAVA to provide in-house for your staff:
  • All, or some, of the modules from the Volunteer Impact Leadership Training Series on the best practices for effectively engaging volunteers
  • Training on Engaging Boomers as volunteers or Engaging Volunteers in Higher Responsibility Roles
  • Training on other current trends in volunteerism
  • A range of current topics in volunteer management

MAVA's Volunteer Management Consultation

Consider a contract with MAVA for consultation on building effective engagement of volunteers. MAVA has a consultation package that includes an assessment of organizational volunteer program practices and resources for building the program. Consultation can also be arranged for:
  • Developing a volunteer program work plan
  • Energizing and Improving the volunteer program
  • Revamping the volunteer program for the new volunteer workforce
  • Developing a volunteer program manual
  • Most aspects of volunteer management