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Staff  | Published on 10/3/2019

Need inspiration?  Read about young people who are driving change now and preparing to be our future leaders in City Page's "Minnesota Next: 9 of the Twin Cities’ most inspiring teens" Read it here 

Check out this NPR piece "OPINION: Volunteering Abroad Is Popular And Problematic. Let's Fix It" on volunteering abroad and some of the pitfalls, along with ways organizations and volunteers can go about doing better: Read it here 

Are you looking for new volunteer management software? Elisa Kosarin at Twenty Hats prepared this helpful article, "How to find a VMS system that actually meets your needs" on choosing a system that meets your needs: Read it here

We are all job seekers at some point in our career. 
Here, Rob Jackson shares a guest blog post "Ten questions every VM should ask a potential employer" by Andy Fryer outlining 10 questions to ask a potential employer when seeking a job in volunteer engagement: Read it here