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Working from home and reliance on virtual meetings has become the norm, rather than a temporary solution, for many of us. These new realities also bring new stressors. For some perspective on coping with new normal, a pair of articles offer a reality check and some advice:
From Mindful – Zoom Exhaustion is Real Here are Six Ways to Find Balance and Stay Connected

From Charity Village – Eight Tips for Nonprofit Leaders to Better Support Virtual Teams
Fans of the Kotter change management model (a cornerstone of Service Enterprise training) won’t want to miss the latest version of Kotter’s core principles, addressing challenges we all face. The new e-book,
8 Steps to Accelerate Change With New Insights for A COVID-19 World, can be downloaded here.
Jayne Craven's recent post for volunteers on Volunteering in the time of a pandemic provides a useful and comprehensive look at options for volunteering and ways to stay safe while doing so. It’s worth a read for Volunteer Engagement Leaders looking for ideas to check against their own program guidelines.
Learn how Quebec City’s The Wellness Centre is engaging volunteers during COVID-19. From creativity to mitigating risk, and taking your volunteers along for the ride.
Check out what this Canadanian Volunteer Engagement Leader is doing.

“Many funders understand the immense value of community volunteers, and the importance of a solid infrastructure, but fail to appreciate the skills, planning, and support needed to harness their full potential. As a result of this disconnect, there is a reluctance to provide the financial support necessary.”
Check out The Leighty Foundation’s article on Investing in Volunteer Engagement and download their
FREE booklet - The Funder’s Guide to Investing in Volunteer Engagement.