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Find Your Passion

 | Published on 8/1/2019


We have all asked potential volunteers the questions: What do you like? What are your interests and skills? What are your passions?


Why do we ask such questions? Well, we want volunteers to not only enjoy what they do, but also to bring an energy that gets them excited about the work they are doing. We want them to invest their time in something worthwhile, and we know that individuals will give more of their time and talents if they feel needed and are passionate about the work.


Leadership is no different. Whether you are serving at your local food shelf, leading your church council, working directly with a senior in Assisted Living, or running a Fortune 500 company, you need to enjoy what you are doing. If you are able to harness your skills and find your passion, you will also give more of your time and talent and build your leadership skills.


Fancy titles do not make one a successful leader. Leaders are found throughout businesses, from the volunteer who mentors a student, to the staff who helps an individual find affordable housing, to the CEO who nurtures future leaders. Successful leaders are motivated and driven by their passions. So, make sure to not only assist volunteers in finding their place within organizations, but also make sure you find places to share your time and talents that will expand the experiences you have to build your leadership abilities.


It is important to love what you do--in all things: work, volunteer, life, and play. It is what gives us that spark.


So, go forth and find your passion.