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6 Ways to Maximize your MAVA Membership

Jenna Egan

It takes a lot to grow a thriving volunteer program AND cultivate professionally. Thankfully MAVA can help you on your journey. The MAVA staff, volunteers, committees and board members are dedicated to providing valuable, tangible benefits to you. Many of our members say they join MAVA because they value our mission and genuinely want to make a difference not only in the organizations they serve, but also in the field in the of volunteerism. 

Today MAVA has over 720 members and partners who have been shaping the future of volunteer administration. Our members are the leading resource in volunteerism and volunteer engagement leadership success. They enjoy professional trainings, certifications, discounts, and lasting professional relationships. 

Here are 6 ways to make sure you're maximizing your MAVA membership. 

#1: Ensure your profile is top-notch 

Our online membership directory is available to all MAVA Members, and is accessed regularly by volunteer engagement leaders, like you. Search by member name (first, last or full name) or by company. Don’t forget to add your headshot and up-to-date contact information so those searching for your experience and expertise are able to contact you. 

#2: Network with your peers 

Getting to know like-minded peers can be a great way to expand your volunteer program, nurture your career, and grow your professional network. MAVA hosts multiple social networking opportunities that provide members numerous opportunities to meet and collaborate throughout the year. 

#3: Stay informed 

The MAVA staff strives to keep members informed of up-to-date coverage on key topics, upcoming events, and unique opportunities pertaining to our members. Subscribing to the MAVA e-newsletters is a great way to stay informed. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn for updates and the latest trending topics. 

#4: Post job opportunities 

When you post on MAVA’s job board, you ensure your open position is in front of the candidates that have the skills and experience your organization needs to achieve its mission. And it’s easy to post a position to MAVA’s job board. You create the posting directly from your MAVA membership profile. 

#5: Resource library at your fingertips 

Were you unable to attend the 8 Strategies for Creating a More Inclusive Program, the Volunteer Leadership Impact Series or one of the other 50 programs MAVA holds each year? Don’t worry, MAVA has got you covered. Visit MAVA’s online resource library to access tools, resources, and templates that will help make you be a better volunteer engagement leader. 

#6: Screen your volunteers at a discount 

The McDowell Agency, Inc. and MAVA have partnered to give members a discount on volunteer background checks in Minnesota. To take advantage of this cost savings benefit, or to request additional information from The McDowell Agency, Inc., please contact Tim Landsberger. Tell him you’re a MAVA member.

Need to renew your MAVA membership? 

Log-in or contact Jenna Egan at or (651) 756-7016