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Member Spotlight: American Indian Family Center

Alex Jacob

Organization: American Indian Family Center (AIFC)

MAVA member since: 2018

Describe your volunteer program.
We have volunteers working in a variety of programs including but not limited to our Urban Indian Opioid Response Committee, Youth Tutoring, and our Parent Mentor program. Our volunteer program matches up each volunteer with a mentor figure based on scheduling and mutual interest.

What does it mean to you to be a MAVA member?

Being a MAVA member means being in a like-minded community of organizations that values volunteerism, leadership, and innovation that are committed to continuous improvement.

How has your MAVA membership impacted your organization?
With the advice of MAVA staff member Lisa Joyslin, we began conducting exit interviews to our volunteers who have moved on. These exit interviews are an excellent way to gauge the quality of their experience here at AIFC as well as strengthen our relationship and provide our volunteers with any career help (exp. letters of recommendation) to benefit their future!

What advice do you have for new MAVA members?
Take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of the MAVA staff! We scheduled a meeting with Lisa who tailored her information specific to our organization's needs helping us to improve our relationship with our volunteers! Additionally, take advantage of the networking opportunities between other MAVA organizations. We all strongly believe in volunteerism and leadership and the experiences of other organizations have helped us navigate and improve our own volunteer program.