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MAVA’s Inclusive Volunteerism Initiative Receives Attention Beyond Minnesota

Julianne Quandt

MAVA’s 2018 report on “8 Strategies for Creating a More Inclusive Volunteer Program” has recently received accolades on both a national and international level.


In June MAVA’s Inclusive Volunteerism Program Manager, Lisa Joyslin, was invited to present on the 8 strategies at the Service Unites Conference, put on by Points of Light Foundation, in Atlanta, Georgia. The audience consisted of about 70 individuals from Points of Light’s national and global networks.

The 8 Strategies Report has also been the subject of several volunteer management blog posts, including one from prominent volunteer engagement speaker Rob Jackson of the United Kingdom (view here). Rob notes, “From the fundamental importance of building relationships with different communities, to the importance of organisational culture and an understanding of socio-economic barriers to volunteering, the MAVA report contains lots of useful advice and food for thought.”

Of course, MAVA’s focus for this initiative has remained within our state boundaries. Over the past 8 months MAVA has offered six training workshops (five in Minnesota) on the 8 Strategies and two webinars, reaching over 300 volunteer engagement leaders. We are grateful for the interest in this topic and look forward to offering additional resources as the initiative continues.

For more information on MAVA’s Inclusive Volunteerism Initiative please contact Lisa Joyslin at