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Spring has sprung! So, let’s talk about Fall!

Scott Stivers
I know the National Conference is on the horizon. I hope you all plan to attend this great event!! But, it’s not too soon to start talking about the Strengthening Service Breakfast which will be help at Mount Zion Temple on the morning of Thursday, October 11th. In order to make the breakfast a success, there are things that need to happen (and are happening) right now! I am talking about “Voices of Service!” You will find links to register for “Voices of Service” in the Upcoming Events window on our home page.

Beyond that, you can host a “Voices of Service” event at your office or home. That’s right! If you have 8-10 friends that you think would like to learn more about MAVA, we’ll bring the “Voices of Service” party to you! Contact Scott Stivers for more details at 651-756-7016. Anyone who attends a “Voices of Service” will also be invited to the FREE Strengthening Service Breakfast.

At the breakfast, attendees will see a video highlighting the importance of volunteer engagement professionals and hear testimonials clarifying the connections between volunteer engagement professionals, volunteers, and recipients of volunteer services. There will never be a better time to explain the importance of what you do to your boss, coworker, or spouse for that matter. And best of all, you won’t be the one doing the explaining! All you need to do is enjoy a free breakfast.

According to Amy Homstad, Volunteer Services Manager at Park Nicolett, “In Minnesota, we kind of take volunteerism for granted. It’s part of who we are. So, it’s easy to think that volunteers simply ‘exist,’ and that there isn’t this big infrastructure underneath them, supporting them.” For any organization whose volunteers are critical to their mission, we, as volunteer managers, are the foundation. Invite someone important to you to come hear that message! Or, simply come and be reminded of just how important YOU are. Register Today!

The Strengthening Service Breakfast is a free event on Thursday, October 11th at 7:45 am in Saint Paul. You can find all the details and a link to register HERE.