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2018 MAVA Conference update

Garrett Zaffke

My name is Garrett Zaffke and I am the conference chair for the 2018 MAVA Conference. Our committee has been working very hard to bring you a compelling and fun summer event of networking and learning with some of the brightest minds in the industry. We have some great speakers from around the world who will be highlighting this event as well as a Major League Baseball game and good BBQ thrown in for good measure. We also will be showing a highly anticipated performance by T2PT, a wonderful improve comedy act that loves to poke fun at public policy. Boy, sounds like a picturesque summer indeed.

Summers in the Twin Cities are truly a treat. Whether you are a pure blooded Bold North Minnesotan or a visitor from out of state (or country) you will find a warm (finally) and welcoming mix of the arts, food, and people. We truly know how to squeeze the most out of the long, hot days of summer.

But you are not attending the conference just for the atmosphere; you are looking to develop yourself, to take the next step and unlock the doors of opportunity that await you and the 2018 MAVA’s Conference is a great investment on yourself and your organization to do just that. At this conference, you will be able to grow in your strengths, find new ways of doing the same old thing, hear about and discuss the most current issues and topics, as well as network and build lasting partnerships and friendships with your peers. I cannot stress to you how much it helps me in my own professional life to break up the mundane and take a break from the norm to refresh and recharge myself by going to a conference such as this. Last year’s conference was a wonderful time of personal growth and relationship building. To this day, I am using invaluable insight that I gained from last year’s conference to grow and promote my volunteer programs. And it hasn’t just affected me, my volunteers and their communities are able to thrive when I am at my best.

Registration is open for the conference; we would love to have you join us. Our early bird special runs until April 2nd so don't miss out on saving some money (who doesn't like that?). Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to the field, there is something for everyone at the 2018 MAVA Conference. So go on and take your next step with us!