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A Member a Day

Scott Stivers
Call me crazy, but I truly believe it is time for MAVA to cross into the new millennium. And no, I don’t mean I feel we’re behind the times. What I mean is, it is time for MAVA to cross over the 1,000-member mark!

At this year’s annual meeting, we heard that we increased our membership by 5%. We now have 725 members! That means every member is benefitting from the knowledge, experience and resources of 724 colleagues and supporters across the state. They say two heads are better than one. In MAVA’s case, 1,000 heads are better than 725! After all, the current membership identified networking as the second most valuable benefit.

How will we get from here to there? By signing up a member a day! (Well, 1.0274 members to be exact.)

Here at MAVA HQ, the membership committee and I will be hard at work doing the following:
1. Clearly stating why MAVA needs members
2. Clearly describing and improving the benefits of membership
3. Preparing welcome packets and orientation materials
4. Identifying and reaching out to new sectors
Personally, I will be reaching out to 10 potential members every work day throughout 2018!

You can help, too! I am asking you to do two things. First, talk to your colleagues about MAVA membership. If every member of MAVA convinced one colleague from another organization to join this year, well, then I would have to do anything! (Just kidding!!) We would easily cross the 1,000-member mark. Second, please feel free to email or call me with any “hot prospects” you run across. Maybe you hear of someone, but don’t know them well enough to reach out yourself. Or, maybe you have already convinced a colleague to join this year. If, for whatever reason, you think a call from me might nudge someone in the direction of joining, let me know!!
Like for many of you, MAVA was a great help to me. MAVA can be a great help to anyone who works with volunteers. Please spread the cheer! The more the merrier!!