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Scott Stivers
I recently read a study conducted by Edge Research and Community Brands on the subject of member loyalty in professional associations like MAVA. It was a very interesting read. In fact, one finding actually shocked me. If I were to ask you, "What is the most important benefit to professional association members across the spectrum," what would you guess?

Wait for it...

The answer is, a code of ethics. Not networking. Not training. Not certifications. Not fueling innovation. In fact, a code of ethics and industry information were the only two benefits that a majority of association members identified as most important.

I gained at least two insights from this surprise. First, and most obvious, I can't assume I know what benefits are most important to you, MAVA's members. Second, between this and the fact that 55% of association members in all sectors feel disconnected from their association, it is clear that we need to LISTEN.

With those insights in mind, I implore you to do two things. First, please take time to fill out MAVA's annual Membership Survey! MAVA does a LOT of research (Some of which will be presented at our upcoming annual meeting, which I encourage you to attend!), but most important is the research we do in order to help our own members make the most of their association with MAVA. You will receive an email to our Membership Survey via SurveyMonkey in the coming week so watch your inboxes.

Second, PLEASE log in to your membership profile on the MAVA website and complete it as fully as possible. This allows us to personalize and target the content you receive. We are pretty tech-savvy here at MAVA, but we're no Google! We need you to tell us what you want instead of trying to guess!

I can assure you, just because I read that a code of ethics and industry information are important to most association members around the nation, I will not be recommending that MAVA impose these benefits upon you "from on high." What I can say is that we will take the results of the annual survey very seriously and use them to determine our course of action. Please tell us what benefits and services you most want from YOUR association... We're listening.