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Step up your volunteer game with AmeriCorps VISTA!

What is AmeriCorps VISTA?
  • AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) is a national community service program sponsored by the federal government.
  • Members receive a modest living allowance in exchange for a year of service in low-income communities.
  • MAVA VISTAs serve full-time for one year across the state to develop, expand, or improve volunteer programming that connects Minnesotans to the resources needed to move out of poverty.
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What do VISTA members do?
  • Improve your organization’s engagement of volunteers to better meet your mission
  • Develop or expand volunteer programs, create or expand volunteer or staff training, strengthen partnerships, research and develop volunteer program resources, and more
Members don’t replace a staff position or perform ongoing volunteer management functions. MAVA only assigns VISTAs to organizations that have a volunteer resources staff position in place. Your site provides member support, supervision, and a welcoming environment.

Is my organization eligible? Yes, if your organization:
  • Is a nonprofit, educational institution or public agency that serves Minnesota communities in poverty
  • Needs a VISTA member to complete a three-year capacity-building project to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of or develop/expand a volunteer program
  • Will provide consistent on-site supervision and support to a VISTA member year-round
  • Can contribute a portion of the cost to support the VISTA member ($4,000 or $12,312)
  • Isn't currently participating in a Service Enterprise training cohort
How do we apply?

2018-19 VISTA host sites have been filled.