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Inspiring excellence in the leadership of volunteers to impact communities.


MAVA’s purpose is to impact positive change in our communities and the field of volunteerism.
MAVA provides a forum to engage people involved in volunteerism across Minnesota to exchange information and ideas, and to link resources to build capacity.


MAVA is recognized for its ability to unleash the power of volunteerism in communities.
Impact for Members

Participation in MAVA elevates the awareness and value of our profession as well as improving the performance of volunteer managers.

MAVA provides:

* An ongoing forum where members feel connected and represented
* Sharing professional expertise through networking opportunities
* Learning opportunities and resources to enhance volunteer management which results in enhanced agency capacity

Impact on the Field

MAVA actively experiments with innovative practices in volunteerism. We are committed to disseminating knowledge to the broader field.
Impact for Partnerships

MAVA and our partners receive and share resources, knowledge, and visibility to meet our respective missions. We foster a connection to each other that holds us accountable for the vitality of our community.