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Join MAVA for the 2017 National Summit on Volunteer Engagement Leadership: Mapping Our Future, Strengthening Our Voice

2017 National Summit registration is now open!

The Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA) provides an engaging forum to people involved in the field of volunteerism across the state of Minnesota. MAVA is a powerful force for leaders of volunteers wherein we provide exchange of relevant information and ideas and effective professional development through multi-level training opportunities. With over 600 members, MAVA is constantly shaping the future of volunteerism that impacts our community positively.
National leaders see MAVA as the strongest state association in the nation with the best statewide conference focused on equipping individuals who manage volunteer resources. Because of this, MAVA is working in collaboration with many national leaders and many of its own volunteers to present a unique, cutting-edge, and long awaited gathering of leaders of volunteers to greatly enhance their work and collective impact going forward. This event is the 2017 National Summit on Volunteer Engagement Leadership: Mapping Our Future, Strengthening Our Voice

MAVA’s mission is to inspire excellence in leadership of volunteers to impact communities.

Nationally recognized for innovation, we unite members, conduct research to build capacity, and provide a respected voice for volunteerism.

MAVA is Minnesota’s only statewide, multi-sector alliance of leaders of volunteers MAVA brings leaders of volunteers together to connect, learn and lead.

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MAVA provides cutting edge research on trends in volunteerism and supplies tools for addressing challenges. Current initiatives include:
  1. Shorter-term volunteerism
  2. Promotion of improved civic engagement.
  3. A VISTA Corps to build the capacity of volunteerism.
  4. Service Enterprise, an organizational best practice certification program.
  5. Volunteer Impact Leadership Training Series
  6. Biannual conference focused on leadership and excellence in volunteer administration; and more.
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