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Short on Funding-Big on Innovation?
Kasey Tunell

Volunteer Engagement Professionals have the opportunity to obtain a million dollars of State funding for innovative volunteer engagement and we need YOU to work with us to make this happen!  The Volunteerism Bill will bring a Million dollars to our State for innovation in volunteerism. The Bill will fund under-resourced areas and/or organizations that serve under-served populations who innovate to serve unmet needs through effective volunteer engagement. Interested? Intrigued? The Bill will only pass if we work together to make it happen.

Please sign up for a free informational webinar at noon on February 1, 2019 by registering here

Please come to learn about public advocacy and to help educate law makers by coming to (and bring a group) to Volunteer Day at the Capitol (register here).

Together we will get it done!

See you there!