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Online Volunteer Training Experience?
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I am unable to attach the online orientation Park Nicollet uses to onboard new volunteers in this thread. but have sent toLisa and Polly to post on the COVID-19 resources page . We offer the opportunity to do in person orientations 2x a month (suspended for the time being) but we find most people prefer to do the online version.


We are continuing to screen the applicants who are applying now but have suspended the  interview and rest of onboarding for the time being because we’re a healthcare organization.


One thing to not: at the end of our orientation, we direct applicants to complete a Survey Monkey of several questions and they can verify there that they completed the orientation and have read the attached materials.


We update the orientation periodically as we receive new organizational updates pertinent to volunteers.


Let me know if you have any questions!




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'Polly Roach' Volunteer onboarding during COVID-19 11:18 AM 20 MB
During our Volunteer Engagement Check-in gathering today, a few participants expressed an interest in shifting their volunteer orientations and training sessions to online platforms. I'm wondering if there are any MAVA members who have already made this shift and could provide advice to those exploring this option, based on your experience. Please feel free to share tips, resources and recommendations in this thread; if you are willing to be contacted directly with questions, you can post your contact information here.

Thanks for your help building our knowledge base and crowd-sourcing solutions to this challenge!
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