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Volunteer onboarding during COVID-19
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Mary, this is just one example that you may have already heard about, but I signed up to volunteer with both Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly and Meals on Wheels (as a fill-in driver) this weekend and received prompt responses from both indicating that they would move right to background checking since they had received my application information. Not sure if this is a big shift from their regular practice, but it did seem that they were trying to streamline their processes to get people engaged quickly. It looks like LBFE will be doing an online orientation as well.

I'll post any other information or anecdotes I come across about this issue.


I am looking to hear if programs have come up with expedited volunteer onboarding process during COVID-19.  It seems important to do still do good risk management but with extra needs for food delivery, more people wanting to volunteer, and not doing in-person interviews, I am wondering how you are adjusting your volunteer onboarding.

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