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COVID-19: Volunteer Program Preparation and Respon...
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The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits just sent out a list of resources that cover an array of issues in the Nonprofit sector (Business Operations, Fundraising, Self Care, Technology/Remote Work, Event Planning,Equality and Justice).
Hello everyone,

As we all make plans to prepare and respond to COVID-19, I know you are each thinking about how your volunteer program will be affected and what you can do to get ready. MAVA is starting this thread as a place to share ideas and resources about volunteer programs and COVID-19.

Please use this thread to :

1. Post resources, tools or policies your organization has created for your volunteers or volunteer programs around COVID-19 (or general pandemic or disaster response.) MAVA will be gathering these resources on our website for easier use - please indicate if your resource can be posted on our website with attribution to your organization. If your resource is a document as opposed to a web link, please email it to (you are welcome to copy and paste the text into this thread as this platform does not support attachments).

2. Questions that you have about your volunteer program's preparation or response to COVID-19 - could be general or specific to one sector/industry.

We will kick things off with an article MAVA put together on "Preparing Your Volunteer Program for COVID-19." Here is the link:

Thank you!
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