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Volunteer Program Responses to Coronavirus
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I thought these resources provided by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits was helpful!
Hello everyone,

While I am hoping that this ends up being a non-issue for all of us, it is becoming increasingly likely that we will eventually be seeing a virus outbreak here in Minnesota. I was wondering what responses have been discussed for your organizations' volunteer programs in the event of an outbreak. I am a VISTA at Hope for the Journey Home in Oakdale, and we see our volunteers as essential to our operations, but are aware of the possibility of having to cancel volunteers for an extended period of time. My main questions regarding my program are;

1: At what point in the potential outbreak do we take action in altering plans for, or completely cancelling volunteers? 

2: In the case of an extended cancellation, how can we fulfill essential duties previously filled by volunteers? At Hope for the Journey Home this is exacerbated by the fact that all but only two of our staff are in the age range that is most affected by the virus.

Thank you for any responses as this is a difficult issue to plan for with the amount of unknowns on how everything will play out here in Minnesota. 
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