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We have a grocery shopping and delivery service that was originally founded by a volunteer, and entirely run by volunteers until last year.  The (previous volunteer) coordinator grew it into such a successful service, that upon her "retirement" a year ago, the position is now a paid-staff position (who coordinates about 20 volunteers each week to fill about 30 grocery orders). I received permission from the volunteer who grew the program to give her contact information, but I'd prefer to do so via one-on-one email instead of putting her name out there on this forum.  Please contact me

I had a Director of one of our programs reach out to me to see if I had any resources for a 100% volunteer run program business plan. I am reaching out to see if anyone knows of a 100% volunteer run business I could reach out to, a 100% volunteer run program, or if anyone would be willing to share relevant information. 

Thank you in advance!

Raechell Bayerl, Volunteer Services Coordinator, True Friends
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