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Recruitment ideas -- where do people post
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Hi Kacy,
We are located in Chaska, so we have a much smaller scale program than you.  I have advertised in the classifieds of Craigs List and received a few inquiries, but no individuals followed through with the application process.  For me, I will not post on Craigs List again.  Most of our volunteers come from inquiries from our website and from a posting in our local papers.  We also have connections with several local schools Honors Program, where they are required to complete a certain number of volunteer hours.  If this is a one time event for you, the high school programs might be a good source.  Just Serve and Volunteer Match have also been good recruitment tools for us, as well as posting on our social media pages.  Good Luck!
Hi all!  

I am always looking for ideas on how to reach wide variety of people wanting to volunteer.  I need many volunteers for our upcoming Flint Hills Family Festival, presented by The Ordway. In order to make the event a success we will need several volunteers throughout the week to help with a variety of tasks. If you have any ideas please send them my way, or if you have volunteers that would be interested, send them my way, too.


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