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Orientation Attendance Rate
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I do not keep track of who shows up for orientations and who does not, but I would like to have this information.  Because we are small I do all of my orientations in person.  I do have most of my people show for orientation, but the lack of follow through usually comes when they have to go to have their background check completed.  If they do not complete the background check (which requires going to a town one over for fingerprints and photographs), they are unable to volunteer.  I usually do not follow up with them if they do not complete that process on their own.  I do keep track of who completes the paperwork for the background check (completed in office with me), and who does/does not finish the background process.  In the last six months of 2018:
27 individuals filler out paperwork for the background check
25 individuals completed the background study through the DHS
18 continued as volunteers within our organization.
I'd like to keep track of more information, but have time constraints to add another spreadsheet to the mix.
We mostly rely on online orientation completion and have gradually decreased our frequency of in-person sessions due to a lot of cancellations.
So far in 2019 we have cancelled 5 of our 10 scheduled in-person Orientations due to not enough turn out/RSVPs. It tends to waste time planning, coordinating and then to have to cancel it, so over the last year we have offered it slightly less than twice a month all year.
Hi All...Do you you keep track of how many people register for volunteer orientation, and then either show or no-show? If you do, what is the average rate of attendance? 50% 60% More? Or, maybe you have done away with traditional orientation sessions all together. What are you doing instead? Thanks for sharing! 
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