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Yearly Percentage of New Volunteers
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Verified Volunteers has a webinar coming up in a couple of weeks called  "Keep 'em coming back".  It is about converting one time volunteer experiences into long term engagements. 
You might find some helpful information in that.
We typically have about 25% new volunteers annually here at the Science Museum. We've stayed flat over the past two years as far as overall community growth so our churn is about 25% as well (200 volunteers leave us - about 180 complete their service requirement and 20 bounce before they complete the requirement)
Every year, approximately 38% of our volunteers are new to us.  We're an event heavy organization; we have 13 annual events and the majority of our volunteers engage there.

I'm curious what percentage of volunteers are new every year at other organizations, especially those that have a lot of events.  If you'd be willing to share, I would appreciate it.

Volunteer Engagement Manager | The ALS Association, MN/ND/SD Chapter
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