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Volunteer Driving Programs
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Check out the discussion on MAVA Voice from February 2018 on the subject of volunteer drivers as well.


Karmit Bulman| Executive Director
Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA)
I'm also curious regarding an update to the MCOTA Forum last Spring. 
After the MCOTA MN Volunteer Driver Program Forum held in May 2018, we were led to believe that something would happen this legislative session to better define the role of volunteer drivers in MN in order to ward off demands for commercial insurance for each driver, but I have heard of nothing to date.
This affects our drivers in central MN who are now being pressured by insurers to add commercial riders to their policy or quit being volunteer drivers. Between the commercial insurance issue and “mileage reimbursement as income” problems caused by the IRS low charitable mileage rate, I’m afraid it will devastate our programs statewide if there isn’t some relief. 

Is anyone else having problems with volunteer drivers quitting because their insurer requires a commercial rider OR because they are now receiving a 1099 for mileage reimbursement income above the 14-cent charitable rate?
Have you heard of any activity or effort being planned to deal with these issues for volunteer drivers in this legislative session?
I appreciate any information you might have. Many thanks.

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