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Client Databases - How often do you change passwor...
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Hi Sally,

I don't have answers for you but one resource that might is NTEN (the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network). They just put out a report on the state of nonprofit cybersecurity that is described as "Mapping cybersecurity policy and practices at nonprofits, this landmark report also identifies areas for improvement."  You can download it for free here:

Good luck!
Polly Roach
Hi, Fellow Volunteer Resource Managers! 

For those of you who have volunteers and paid staff work with your client/customer databases, how often do you recommend changing the password?  My IT manager is trying to get an idea of how often we really need to do this.  Right now we change the passwords daily.  We include HIPAA training and a confidentiality statement to sign for all of our volunteers and paid staff who work in this capacity.  Thank you for your replies!
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