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Group Liability Statement?
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Samatha, would you mind sharing your one-page agreement. I would appreciate seeing what is included. Many thanks! 
All of our one-time/group volunteers sign an agreement that highlights specific policies from our volunteer handbook including our name badge, confidentiality, liability &insurance, accepting gifts, customer service, and photo release policies. It is one-page in length. 

If volunteers are with staff or within hearing/sight of staff then DHS doesn't require background studies.
Hi folks,

I am at a senior living facility that has a lot of one-time or monthly group volunteers.  In the past, we have not done background checks on these people but also make sure they are always in a public place and directly supervised by staff.  It was brought to my attention that we should have some kind of statement that each group signs in the absence of a background check in order to shift liability back to them vs us.

Does your organization do something like this?  What is the verbiage you use, if so?
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