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Thank you Karen.  I appreciate the information you provided.  I know Sheila, unfortunately I am not in town on the 29th so can't make the meeting - that would have been very helpful.  I will check the web site you provided and also give you a call with any questions.

Thanks again!

Hi Diane,

Costs are dependent upon the features you choose and the number of records you want to store. The price calculator ( will give you some ideas of costs for your organization.

I have been using Volgistics for more than ten years and I would be happy to talk to you about it. Feel free to email me at but you might want to consider this option too. If you are in the Twin Cities area, you would be able to ask several Volgistics users your questions and see a demonstration of functions in use at the Volgistics User Group Meetings hosted by Shelli Beck. The next one is scheduled for Tuesday, May 29. Here's Shelli's announcement:

It’s a Volgistics Users Gathering month!!

Tuesday, May 29th

8:30 am -10 am

Lyngblomsten Care Center

1415 Almond Avenue

St. Paul


The Volgistics Users Gathering is open to anyone that uses Volgistics.  Attendees can be paid staff, volunteers, former Volgistics users, new Volgistics users, those thinking about becoming Volgistics users, the list goes on.  If you know anyone that might benefit from attending our gathering, please feel free to pass this invitation along. 


The format for these gatherings is question and answer, with the answer coming from the person in the group that has the most experience in the particular area of Volgistics.  We do have Volgistics projected onto a screen at the front of the room, so participants at the gathering are able to see how Volgistics looks “in action.”  This gathering is scheduled to occur every other month on the last Tuesday of the month.  The remaining 2018 dates are July 31September 25November 26.


This Volgistics Users Gathering is free, but please RSVP to Shelli Beck ( so that we can have enough chairs available.  The Users Gathering is held in the Chapel within the Care Center.  The receptionist can direct you if you have not been to Lyngblomsten before. Please send questions that you would like addressed during the Volgistics Users Gathering to Shelli Beck at 651-414-5297 or  


Networking is encouraged, please bring your business cards! If you have any questions about the Volgistics Users Gathering, please call Shelli at 651-414-5297.  

I am interested in hearing from anyone that is using Volgistics to manage their volunteer program.  What components do you use, how is it working for you, was the learning curve difficult for your current volunteers any additional comments?  What are your annual costs associated with using the program?

Thank you.
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