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Retention Benchmarking
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  • We track data monthly.
  • We are able to run reports out of Volgistics to pull our data. Reports are based off of status dates and exit reasons.
  • We do not benchmark again other organizations. We compare our data to previous years.
I ask our locations to provide me with monthly volunteer information (total hours, number of volunteers and registrations for the month).  This information is shared at least quarterly with the board and others, and we compare current numbers to our metrics and determine what percentage of our locations are meeting their metrics.  Our metrics are based on capacity to serve, so the goal is determined by the number of residents/clients and the type of facility (SNF vs housing vs community service).
Hi all,
I'm interested to know if you track volunteer retention statistics. If so:
  • How often do you track/report (monthly, quarterly)?
  • How do you pull the data and what criteria do you use?
  • Do you benchmark against other organizations?
Thank you!
~ Amy
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