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Background check form for sharing with other orgs
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Thanks so much!
We do not share background checks conducted, with other organizations or employer,s and we don't ask them to share with us.  It is important checks be done when the individual is going through the process so that organization or employer can honestly and more accurately say due diligence was done.  
Wait, I think that I understand your question better now.  If a person gets a background check done through us and then would like it used by another organization outside of U of M Extension, we do NOT share results.  Ever.  
However, if the request comes within a year of the background check initially, the person who is the focus of the background check can ask for results from the McDowell Agency and then that person can share it with whomever they want to, including another organization.
I hope that this helps.
Here is a public link to the one we use in the MN 4-H program:
Note that we ask volunteers to send the form sent directly to our background check vendor (the MAVA-endorsed McDowell Agency).  For us, this means that we don't collect this information and then have to keep it secure in house.  

I'm wondering if anyone has an authorization form that they'd be willing to share.  I'm trying to allow volunteers to share any existing current background checks with us that they may have from another organization.  Other orgs. of course want them to provide an authorization to release info. Thanks for any help!
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