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Polly Roach

Online Volunteer Training Experience? 2 29

Karmit Bulman

Urgent- funding for Volunteer Shortage 1 63

Mary Quirk

Volunteer onboarding during COVID-19 2 22

Arbor Otalora-Fadner

Sending letters 5 49

Karmit Bulman

Virtual volunteering 1 12

Jean Nierenhausen

COVID-19 Virus 2 29

Lisa Joyslin

COVID-19: Volunteer Program Preparation and Responses (sharing thread) 2 51

Anthony Pellegrene

Want to join a MAVA committee? 1 10

Karmit Bulman

What are Your Volunteer Needs right now? 1 18

Patrick Twomey

Volunteer Program Responses to Coronavirus 2 66

Anthony Pellegrene

Join Mava Committees! 1 22

Shari DeBlieck

Job Opportunity: VEAP seeks to hire a Social Services Director 1 19

Karmit Bulman

Does Your Organization Do Workforce Development Work? 1 37

Karmit Bulman

Please tell me if any of these folks represent your district 1 46

Karmit Bulman

Submit your Proposal to do a Conference Workshop! 1 45

Karmit Bulman

Not to Late to Apply for a Vista Member 1 40

Kate Errickson

Staff PTO for Volunteering Policy 8 385

Jay Haapala

Board Position Available 1 51

Raechell Bayerl

Business Plan 2 45

Raechell Bayerl

Volunteer Program Structure 1 50