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Shari DeBlieck

Political and Religious Discussion
2 26

Karmit Bulman

Want to participate in an Ideathon?
1 8

Kate Hersey

MN Tool Library is Hiring! PT Branch Manager (Weekends & Evenings)
1 12

Jenny Moore

Does your organization use a database besides Volgistics? What is it?
5 44

Karmit Bulman

MAVA is hiring!
1 26

Danielle Brady

Volunteer Hub
1 22

Carolyn Swenson

MAVA Connections 6/18/20 - quick recap
2 59

Elizabeth Burgard

Volunteer demographic information question
1 33

Arbor Otalora-Fadner

Volunteer door delivery
2 32

Molly Boland

Resources for community needs in wake of Twin Cities riots
5 61

Kate Rosenow

Online volunteer hour tracking
3 44

Julie Vreeland

Volunteer Check In May 26, 2020
1 30

Julie Vreeland

Resources from May 12 -Volunteer Engagement Check in
1 29

Polly Roach

Resources from 5/19 Volunteer Engagement Check-in
1 34

Katie Tedson

LinkedIn Recruiting for Good
1 27

Arbor Otalora-Fadner

Volunteer tech support for seniors?
2 35

Karmit Bulman

Including Volunteers as we Co- Create our Organizational Future
1 35

Polly Roach

Co-creating the future of volunteerism
1 40

Susie VanBlaircom

New Volunteer Initiative in Saint Paul Seeks to Help Community Organizations with COVID-19 Response
1 37

Polly Roach

Special Opportunity - Host AmeriCorps Emergency Response Members
2 45