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Karmit Bulman

MAVA Voice Instructions 2 680

Kasey Tunell

Short on Funding-Big on Innovation? 1 9

Jenna Egan

Galaxy Digital - Are you using it? 2 9

Bath-sheba Kemp

Volunteer Descriptions: Thrift Store 2 20

Krista Eichhorst

Wanted: Hosts for the Volunteer Impact Leadership Training Series 1 10

Kaylen Broms

Engaging Volunteers with Disabilities 5 72

Haley Nelson

Christmas Opportunities? 1 12

Sally Newbury

Client Databases - How often do you change passwords? 2 13

Constance Taylor

Martin Luther King Day of Service- Service Project Request 1 11

Ann Fosco

Thanksgiving Volunteer Openings 2 32

Jordan Backstrom

Minnesota Law - Legal Regulations for Volunteers 3 101

Christina Buckingham

Parent volunteers on school bus routes 1 25

Karmit Bulman

Do You Live or Work in Minnetonka-Plymouth? 1 19

Christina Giese

Employee Volunteer Program 3 40

Krista Eichhorst

Writers wanted: Share your stories of successful program evaluation! 1 16

Jessica Luther

Screening- Event/Seasonal Volunteers 6 72

Katie Tedson

Volunteer Role Design Requirements 2 28

Kielyn Simonson

Group Liability Statement? 2 58

Rachael Weiker

Publicly Shared Volunteer handbooks? 4 62

Alanna Tyler

Volunteer software comparison chart 3 55