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MAVA Conference 2018
Volunteer Engagement Leadership: Next Steps and Beyond

Take a big step forward in volunteer engagement. Join us June 6th to June 8th for the 2018 MAVA Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota.

MAVA Conference 2018 Workshop Schedule 
is available for you to download.

Pre-registration has closed. Onsite registration opens tomorrow at 10 AM in the Anderson Center.

MAVA Conference Updates

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  • MAVA Conference 2018 Workshop Schedule is available for download.

  • Pre-registration has closed. Onsite registration opens tomorrow at 10 AM at the Anderson Center.

Rob Jackson

Rob Jackson: "Stop Being So Bloody Nice"- opening session. Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd is a training and consultancy firm dedicated to engaging and inspiring people to bring about change. 

Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd delivers expert support that is passionate about the potential of people.   


Because we have a passion for volunteerism, we want to help you get even better at engaging, leading and managing volunteers. 


The Theater for Public Policy has earned a national reputation for bringing intelligent humor to liven up discussions on a range of issues.  

The show will begin with thought leaders discussing hot volunteer management related issues. Then, in real time, the cast re-imagines the debate through the spontaneity of unscripted theater.

Karmit Bulman is MAVA’s Executive Director. She has extensive experience running non-profit organizations and has a strong background of leadership in international, national and statewide coalition building.

Karmit has authored "Stacking Up: How Volunteer Engagement Staff Compare with other Key Staff” and will be presenting Thursday afternoon
Promoting Job Equity for Volunteer Engagement Professionals. The session will be connected to and followed by hilarious performances from the Theatre of Public Policy.


Marla Benson, Volunteer Relations Consulting Group, LLC Founder and Principal Consultant has always been aligned and connected to the best-of-the-best throughout her career history.  

Every conference attendee since the beginning of time has been well-meaning in putting their new learning into action. And, many have been less than successful once they get back to their real worlds. Marla will lead a hands-on, action-oriented conference wrap-up.